Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to visit our company’s site. I appreciate your interest in our company and would like this opportunity to tell you a little more about us and my vision for our company’s future.

We at ASTER Labs, Inc. consistently strive to produce high-quality research and develop operational prototypes for our customers. We continue to pursue unique product technology that can be utilized in current and future-day aerospace and consumer applications.

We started our company with the goal to create a research institution that bridges the gap between high-grade research in graduate school programs and the fast development world in commercial industry. For many of our research employees, their university graduate experience was perhaps their most productive phase of their lives, where they eagerly learned new concepts as well as developed creative ideas, often without the hinderance of day to day operational concerns. Long days, nights, and weekends of work were a joy because of the excitement of the research. Our company’s operational concept is to continue this joy by helping post-graduate researchers continue this high productivity, while benefiting our customers through the development of new products and systems. We are believe we have been successful at this so far, and will continue to operate as close to this as we can.

As part of the on-going research and development process, we urge our employees to maintain a breadth as well as depth of knowledge within their field, as we have found that by approaching a challenging subject from multiple unique directions we often find elegant solutions. Our personnel are strongly encouraged to pursue a variety of technological interests, and maintain a strong connection to their industry community through participation in national professional societies and local volunteer organizations, as these foster a constantly stimulating research environment and provide highly-qualified personnel to our clients.

We have concentrated much of our own research in the area of robotic and crewed space vehicle systems, in part due to my personal interests. However, we also conduct research for commercial product, the medical industry, and government defense organizations. These topics primarily relate to area of high technology research, and often have some relationship to the operation of spacecraft and humans in space.

The hardware and software products we have developed for customers also directly impact our research, as we are often continuous users of our own products.

Since I believe our lives are a life-long learning process, we also feel it is important to encourage and inspire young people of all ages. We work to support our employees to promote this sense of community within our neighborhoods and between our industry colleagues. We encourage volunteer efforts, as I believe these provide an opportunity for growth by an individual that in turn benefits our company’s goals. A specific example of this is our direct creation and continued involvement with the Institute of Navigation’s Autonomous Snowplow Competition.

As a company, we are always expanding and we recommend those individuals with a similar vision of pursuing unique aerospace research along with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to contact us about opportunities with our company.

From all of us at ASTER Labs, Inc., welcome to our site. Let us know how we can help you.

                        – Suneel I. Sheikh, Ph.D.

                           Chief Executive Officer and Chief Research Scientist